Developed Technologies

Our Services

Web Design

Our expert team can design a website of any complexity, from a landing page to a corporate multipage website. Everything depends on what you are looking for.

Corporate Identity

Web build corporate identity from beginning to end, starting with your logo, which identifies your own identity through a full range of messaging compatible with the identity.


Developed Technologies specializes in the field of E-Marketing which gives you access to any target slice in time that you want and message you determine.

Marketing Movies

Developed Technologies specializes is marketing movies because of what it adds, the effects and meanings which make your message exceeds by stages the textual content.

Online Shop

We are proficiently able to create your online shop to sell goods and services online.


Make your wonderful presentation and get high impressions!

Our Advantages

Individual Approach

We use an individual approach to each client and we never offer you a set of standard decisions for your business, it's your decision.

Qualified Employers

We are a team of Designers, Developers, Marketing experts and managers who are ready to work for a personalized IT solution.

Online Support

Our online support is in your service all day work hours, to answer your question and help you solve any issue you may have with our products and services.

Various Payment Methods

We provide a variety of payment methods that include Cash, Bank check, PayPal and lots of others, which can be customized.