Developed Technologies

Marketing Movies

Did you know that 85% of online users decide to buy the service after watching your video marketing!

One of marketing methods which Developed Technologies specialized is a marketing movies, because of what it add to customer and it's effect, which deliver your message smoothly and creativity.

Studies have proven that 85% of customer decided to buy your product after seen your message from video effects more than text or image.

One of the E-Marketing methods because of the effects and meanings submission of the letter is best stage than textual content or images

   what are we doing:

  • Making a marketing video using the handle animation techniques and provide you with best service.
  • Work video marketing campaigns on different platforms by posting your video on social networking.
  • Assist start-up companies in providing their services and their creativity to everyone through innovative videos

Our Advantages

Individual Approach

We use an individual approach to each client and we never offer you a set of standard decisions for your business, it's your decision.

Qualified Employers

We are a team of Designers, Developers, Marketing experts and managers who are ready to work for a personalized IT solution.

Online Support

Our online support is in your service all day work hours, to answer your question and help you solve any issue you may have with our products and services.

Various Payment Methods

We provide a variety of payment methods that include Cash, Bank check, PayPal and lots of others, which can be customized.